John Rabold
Welcome to the Crossroads of Americana with John Rabold. For 30 years, J.R. had a vision of doing a show that brought country music and rock music together. But it could not be just anything, it was a sound. But life happens, and the dream had to wait.
On one of many road trips J.R. takes, he heard a radio show while driving through North Carolina in 2017. John was inspired. This was EXACTLY the format he had in his head for YEARS! He knew, one day, he needed to do a similar show. While co-hosting another show called Indiana Nocturne, J.R. decided to just record a show and see what happens Within a month Crossroads of Americana went world wide.
Here, weekly, you will hear Traditional, Outlaw and Alt-country, country influenced rock, and Folk. What current top 40 country does, J.R. does the opposite.
Gram Parsons to Johnny Cash, The Byrds to The New Riders of the Purple Sage, Buck Owens to The Jayhawks, Steve Earle to k.d. lang, John Hiatt to the Eagles, you get the idea. And you will hear artists from where John lives, Indiana, the real Crossroads of America.
When John isn’t doing this radio show, you can find him listening to his vast record collection, hanging with his cats Stevie Ray, Miss Lou Ann Barton, Della and Kalamazoo….he travels quite a bit and working his real job in organ and tissue donation, helping out a local funeral home or DJing weddings.