IMC Promotions

IMC Promotions is a budget priced Radio email distribution service for Independant Music Artists.

We will share your Latest, Upcoming or Selected Country Music Song to more than 8000 Radio Station's &

Radio Show's all around the world.


Country Music Artists

We will also play your track up to 4 times a day for 2 weeks on IMC Country Radio

& your track will be played on 'It's My Country' Radio Show’

which is guaranteed to be played on 120+ Radio Stations Worldwide 

All this for $105 (Australian Dollars)

Contact Pete:

for a quote or if you have any questions

 **Please note All Money Raised goes to the running on IMC Country Radio**


Artists we are working with NOW

Kelly Williams (USA), The Bard (Aus), Jimmy Bear (Aus), Zara Lindeman (Aus), Cathy Dobson (Aus),
Clayton Saunders (Aus),Tofte Family (Norway), Morgan Tucker (Aus), Andrew Wooten (USA),
Anita Winkler (Austria), Larissa Uebergang (Aus), Mermaid Avenue (Aus),
Sorensen (Aus), The Rams (Aus), Abby Grace (Can), Gordon Wood (Eng), Lance Friend (Aus), The Winding Wheels (Aus), 
Sharon Marie White (Can), Andy Martin (Swe), Tom Preacher (Aus), Nathan Seeckts (Aus),
Peachtree Street Collection (USA), Dane Sharp (Aus), Anthony Baxter (Aus), Deon Powter Band (Aus),
Jamcase (Aus), Dan Slyker (USA), Adam Wayne (USA), Tony Clarke (UK), Hoons From Stralya (Aus),
Rodeo Nights (Aus), Darren Gillis (Aus)


Artists that have previously used IMC Promotions Services are

Aaron D'Arcy (Aus), Abby Grace (Can), Brendan McMahon (Aus), Carrot Bowen & the Collective (Aus), Carson Janik (Can),

Clayton Saunders (Aus), Dave Curtis (NZ), Dr John's Surgery Record's (UK), Gerry Gareau (Can), The Grasscutters (Aus),

Gulf Streeam Riders (Bel), Haystack Mountain Hermits (Aus), Brett Perkins and The Pawnshop Preachers (USA), Anita Winkler (Austria),

Briana Dinsdale (Aus), Cairns Country (Aus), Shaza Leigh (Aus), Jenny Spear (Can), Tony Clarke (Aus), Karlo Arcinue (Aus),

Merilyn Steele (Aus), Odebrand (Swe), Paula O'Reilly (UK), Sari Abbott (Aus), The Blue Shamrocks (Aus), The Kindly Ravens (Aus),

The Marty Rose Band (Aus), Warren Kearney (Aus), John Fowler (Can)